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3 Important things to include on your checklist for buying a house

by Danay Pelaez, P.A. 06/10/2024

If you're preparing to buy a home, you've likely encountered more than one checklist for buying. House hunting is only the beginning of the process, and it's important not forget any crucial steps along the way.

While homebuyer checklists can seem long and overwhelming, there are a few key points to focus on. Here are three things to pay special attention to when making your own checklist for buying a house:

Talk to mortgage lenders & get a preapproval letter

The first important step in finding your next home is speaking with a mortgage company. The lender will do a thorough investigation of your financial profile, including metrics like debt to income ratio (DTI) and your credit report. If you meet the criteria for approval, you'll get a preapproval letter from the lender.

However, it is important to remember that approval letters will not necessarily mean a commitment to any lender. You still have the option to shop around to find the best mortgage lender for your situation.

Schedule a home inspection & appraisal

The next stage is scheduling professional visits to the home to determine a fair purchase price. Home inspectors will make sure the structure of the home is up to code. Your inspector will test your electrical and plumbing system and will send you the detailed reports.

There may be additional charges or separate inspections required to detect presence of radon or mold during inspection. While home inspections are not always required, they are highly recommended, as they can help prevent hidden issues which can affect your home values in the future.

Hire a real estate attorney & the rest of your real estate team

A real estate lawyer is another excellent professional to have on your team. The homebuying process includes complicated legal forms and jargon, which an attorney can help you understand and give you advice. They can assist you throughout the process and go over any official documents such as contracts of sale and title documents for any missing info.

For an even smoother process, many experts recommend shopping for a mortgage broker and clearing up any issues with credit scores long before you begin house hunting. However, once you find your dream home, these key tips will help you have a successful buying experience.

About the Author

Danay Pelaez, P.A.

During her 25 years in the South Florida non-profit sector, helping others was always at the core of Danay's professional career. As a Realtor, she now uses her extensive background in client relations, financial management, and sales to help her clients in finding their dream home. 

Whether buying or selling, what matters most to her is honest communication, extreme loyalty to her clients, and a direct, hands-on approach. 

Raised in Miami, she has a personal connection to the local community and has extensive knowledge of the various cities and neighborhoods across the local market. Whether a seller or buyer, you will appreciate her attention to detail, negotiation skills, and motivation. 

As a homeowner herself, she recognizes and values the trust clients place in realtors and she is dedicated to working tirelessly on behalf of her clients, making the process stress-free and exceeding their expectations.


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